Manufacturing Company.


ArtTeks is a well known product manufacturer and exporter, based in Istanbul - Turkey, experienced in womens fashion; specialized in blouse,dress and pants which are made with highend woven fabrics.

With a succesful history of 40 years in textile manufacturing, ArtTeks have gained the recognition from clients from all over Europe and United States, for it's dependable quality, exceptional prices and fast delivery.

We strongly believe good service, high quality and reliable reputation assures customer satisfaction, which is also our management mission.

As ArtTeks, we position ourselves as more than a manufacturer, we’re working so hard to be the driving force behind many fashion brands.

Image by Clark Tibbs


is to plan, develop and implement all the moves it needs to keep each and every promise we made to our clients in customer-oriented approach.

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is to get appreciated from loyal clients, finding and serving to the new customers, whom we will establish great relations.